Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nicky Hilton Skinny

Now that Nicole Richie is all grown up and a mama, and Mary-Kate Olsen seems to be holding it together; Nicky Hilton has stepped up to the plate to play the ‘how skinny can you get before you die‘ game.

Compare these pictures of Nicky shopping over the weekend to this picture of her last summer. Come on Nicky, that skeletal look is so over. Even Kate Bosworth has put on a few pounds.

Nicky Hilton Skinny
Paris Hilton's less controversial sister was snapped leaving a medical centre in Beverly Hills yesterday in a pair of denim hot pants that highlighted her stick-thin frame.

Just a year ago Nicky was the proud owner of a much healthier, curvier frame – but, as our pictures show, it seems she's now disappearing before our eyes.

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