Thursday, October 27, 2011

Women Fashion Suit

Women with the perfect shapes and a correct figure always have it easy when fitting themselves in the readymade corporate suits but when it comes to the curved and petites the suit selection proves a bit tasky. Manufacturers cater to the perfect sizes but not to this section and it proves an uphill task finding that perfect suit. The ground rules to be kept in mind for such ladies are, look for suits with straight cuts and less frills, search for clothing with a lot of seaming details. Finally have in mind the best tailor who can always come to your rescue by altering these suits to fit your body.

Women Fashion SuitWhen selecting a perfect office suit, go for the one with long stripes as these give an elongated effect to the person wearing them . Select the fabrics with darker colours of black or navy blue as these negate the look of the figure and give a gratifying look. Have the details of the perfect tailor handy who can always make you look a million bucks by altering the suit to match your body shape. Match it with a padded jacket which will give you the broad shoulder look and enhance the appearance. Prefer a jacket which will cover half of your hips making your legs appear a little longer. Pencil skirts go best for these petite figures and make sure you fit best in it before wearing it for the corporate event.
Women Fashion SuitEnsure the suit is always in proportion to your appearance and not too frilly or overshadowing your figure. The best fit would always give you that comfort and confidence and a confident person is one who has a winning stride. So, ensure whatever you select, the attire should always be supporting your figure to emit your style and personality.

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