Thursday, October 27, 2011

Street Fashion London

A little concentrate of street styles shot by famous bloggers/photographers during the London Fashion Week. That slim and studded black top absolutely stunned me, the little pink dress is really cute, while we have a good example of how to use the new color trend of next Spring you can see how Londonian women can look fashionable with checked boyfriend jacket and oversized denim. Bonne nuit!

Street Fashion LondonThe jacket is from H&M, the cardigan is a Dior and the t-shirt a Chanel, both vintage. The tights are from a Japanese vintage shop, the shoes are converse and the glasses are bought at 380 Yen shop in Harajuku, Japan. The socks are a “present” from the Asian airlines!

Are clothes an important way for you to express yourself?
Definitely. It is the way for me to approach people and show them who I am. I try to stay a bit different from mainstream trends. Some people do not understand my fashion which makes me want to dress even more extreme.

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